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SALE PRICES LISTED ARE GOOD UNTIL WE RUN OUT. These amazing blowout prices speak for themselves and obviously cannot be combined with Ebay sales, dealer discounts, dollar volume discounts or any other discounts! Don't wait until the last minute to avoid disappointment and future regret......


Dual Master Cylinder conversion kits. For 1962-64 cars or 65-66 cars or 61-65 FC's. Reg price for kit $154.50  Special priced at $125.00 for cars and $140.00 for FC's.



GoVair-Dale rebuilt points plate - Solve the most common Corvair distributor problem with one of these! Reg price $34.95 - Black and White Friday special price just $31.50!            SP-2

1965 Convertible top side cables

(Non-power top)

Reg. $11.50  Special $7.50   SP-3

FC stoplight switch.



Stock type brake shoes for 65-69 Corvairs. 20% off   SP-62

"Lifetime" washable air filters. 10% off regular prices.  SP-63

Special fan belt wrench - reg $30.00 now $22.00


Used transmission mount cores. For 60-63 cars and FC's. Possibly usable as is but NOT guaranteed! $10.00 ea   SP-64


1965-69 Front camber adjusting bolt assy. RH or LH.

Reg price $14.50 ea

Special $12.00 ea  SP-9

Inline aftermarket gas filter - Use on anything - even Corvairs!

Reg $3.50 ea

Special $2.00 ea   SP-10

Crossover mounting gaskets. For turbo crossover or centermount tubes.  PAIR

 Reg $1.90  Special $1.40    SP-11


WOW look at what I found - A limited number of NOS GM inside door handles for 68-69

Reg price $39.50 PR Special $20.00 SP-12


Gas tank sending unit retainer ring - Normally $3.75 Sale $2.50 SP-65

Bet you didn't think you'd see any more of these! They are the turbo gas tank "T"s - you know, the ones that DON'T break.

Reg $12.50  Special $9.00   SP-14

Delrin Pitman arm bushing. The best way to go - Normally $7.50 special $6.00   SP-66

Stock type hose clamps - From a purchase I made 30 years ago - 4" dia and 3" dia. reg price $1.50 ea Special $1.00 ea   SP-67


Throttle Shaft Seal O Ring Kit

Enough for 2 carbs.

Reg $7.90  Sale $6.00   SP-17

Cork-Nitrile pan gasket for powergidle transmissions. Reg price $6.00 Special $5.00   SP-18

Rear foundations. These are the cardboard behind the rear seat. We have a bunch of them in assorted computor-matched original colors. Reg $45.00 Special $25.00

Local pickup ONLY!   SP-68



    1961-65 FC rear taillight lens and housing gasket set of 4

Reg $14.00  Special $11.00   SP-20

Pair of 1964-69 Tranmission input shaft seals (at the differential snout)

Reg $7.30  Special $5.00   SP-21


Late model (65-69) rear motor mount washer. Try to find one when you need one!  SP-77     $2.00

Late 1961-69 Fuel pump pushrod.

Exact repro

Reg $12.50  Special $10.00  SP-23


1965-69 Cars Door Handle Gsket set - for both handles

Reg price $4.50 Special $3.50    SP-25

65-69 Car turnsignal gasket set - Housing and lens set of 4

Reg $7.60   Special $5.00   SP-26

65-69 Car Rear tailight housing gaskets - pair.

Reg $6.00   Special $5.00   SP-27

Pair of 1960-63 Transmission iput shaft seals (at the differential snout)

Reg $7.30  Special $5.00   SP-28

Turnsignal flashers - Try and find correct ones! These do it! Reg price $7.50 special price $4.00   SP-29



Air cleaner wingnuts. As used on all models. Pair  $1.00   SP-78

Spark plug wire spacers as used on most years and models. Set of 3

Reg $3.00 Special $2,00  SP-31

Winter/Summer airplate.

Exact repro for 1964 non-turbo models.

Reg $20.00 Special $10.00    SP-32

Jeepers - what are we doing with all these alternator pigtails?

Great to replace old ones or for projects. Reg price $3.75 ea special price $2.50   SP-33


1960-61 Vacuum advance unit. NOS for all distributors with clip-on cap. Reg $13.50 SALE $4.00


Set of stock rubber front end bushings. Original style - 2 lowers 4 uppers for 65-69. $50.00 SP-70

Air cleaner to carb gaskets. Complete set - specify year and HP   $2.50


2 1/2 " Muffler Clamp  as used on turbo exhaust and other non-Corvair applications

Reg $1.50    Special $.50    SP-37

Complete O  ring head sets - as pictured with Viton O rings. Specify year and HP

$20.00     SP-72


Repro carb studs - We had WAY too many of these made. Long stud for 60-69 Plated

Reg price $3.25 ea  Special $4.00 a pair!    SP-39

CAST PISTONS - MADE IN USA! Set of 6 with wrist pins. Specify year and size

Reg $189.50  special $169.50     SP-40

1960 ONLY gas tank components. Sending unit gasket. strainer. hose and clamps.  SP-79


Anodized aluminum idler pulley. NEW - (we may not run these again)

SP-80     $35.00

Magnesium blower fan - Clean, used.

65-69  Reg $28.00 special $20.00


Small accordian boot made by Dale MFg is silicone. Originally for 1960 accelerator in engine compartment. Good for other uses as well

Reg $9.00   Special $5.00   SP-44

Delrin shifter shaft bushings Pair

For 1965-69 cars. Much better than those bronze ones!

Reg $8.00 pr Special $7.00 pr   SP-45

Repro oil filter bolts - Your choice of stock .

Reg $14.95  Special $12.50       SP-46

Distributor housing with new double bushings installed. No specific numbers - Reg Price $39.95 Special price $29.00 NO CORE CHARGE!   SP-47

gas tank strainer 60-69 all

Reg $12.74 special $10.00


Carb J Bolts. Repro. Set of 4

All models ex/turbo 1964-69

Reg $8.00 set Special $6.00       SP-49

Hi Volume blower motor - Reg $33.50 special $25.00  All years with direct air heater SP-75


Rear suspension rod cupped washers Set of 10

Reg $15.00  Special $3.00  SP-51

Headlight adjuster - Replaces broken ones 65-69 all cars   Reb $2.25 each Special $1.75 ea  


License plates - Various ones available - Reg $6.00 special $4.00

We rebuild differentials - all years and models

If you really want to convert to an electric fuel pump then you need to plug the hole with these beautiful aluminum plugs. Each with an o ring. Reg price $12.75  special $10.00  SP-55

Still using points in your distributor? Then make the best of it with a new GoVair/Dale points wore. Reg Price $4.50  Special $3.75    SP-56

Early model 1/64 approx scale diecast model our choice of color . (You can ask)  Reg prices $5.00-12.00 Special price $3.50

Black is only color left - sorry

Corvair Underground rebuilt carb pump assy with new fuel resistant cup.

SPECIAL $10.00    SP-58


Rebuilt carbs -

We will rebuild your or our carbs to order. 10% off our regular prices.    SP-59


    Our sheet metal gasket kit keeps water and steam out of the heater box area on all 61-69 Corvairs. Well worth it! Complete set as shown Reg $16.95 Special price $13.50        SP-60