BRAS Back again!


        Back in the 90s we sold a lot of these. (They were especially popular for FCs)  Then, mysteriously, back in the early 2000s people stopped buying them. Although their sales track record seem to indicate that they were a fad, the truth is they do a great job of protecting the front of your Corvair from rock chips and other road damage.

         Now folks are asking about them again and we are happy to offer these USA made from the original supplier. Made of quality vinyl and soft materials they are made for years of protection.  The FC bras are the car bras are 2 piece.  Please allow an extra 10 days for shipment.



BRA   60-64 Cars                 U-5177   $189.50         

       65-66 Cars                 U-5178   $189.50

       FCs  (Vans and Pickups)    U-5179   $199.50