A superficial glance at a Corvair clutch is misleading. Although the parts look essentially the same there are important differences.

Essentially there are 2 different Corvair clutch assemblies (and each has several possible variations).

1960-63 FLAT FINGER CLUTCH - the flywheel (see above) is flat across the face. The throw out bearing is the "long" variety and the pressure plate is the "flat finger" (or diaphragm) design - although when not bolted down, the diaphragm still bends up a bit. (See picture below)

1964 BENT FINGER CLUTCH - uses a "stepped" flywheel, the "short" throw out bearing and a bent finger pressure plate. The plate fingers are bent up and, although it comes down some, still bends up after installation. You can see the difference in the pictures below .


TURBO MODEL OR ? (below LEFT) To the LOWER RIGHT is a standard plate showing the small "lug". To the LOWER LEFT is the 1962- 64 Spyder and 65-69 Corsa plate with the heavy "lug".

Besides the difference between 60-63 and 64-69 type clutches are the different pressure plates available. 1962-64 Spyders (with turbocharged engines) and 65-69 Corsaís (140hp and 180 turbocharged). Two things are different about these "high performance" pressure plates. The diaphragm pressure is several hundred lbs higher AND they weight more than "standard" units owing to the heavier "lugs" on the disk ring. These are easy to identify by sight (see pictures above right) As we understand it, the heavier weight was used to overcome "off the line" response in the turbos, which are known for a sometimes weak low end when starting out. The reason for them in the 140 hp non-turbo engines is a bit less clear then, although the higher diaphragm pressure is useful in that application. Perhaps it was a matter of consolidation (?)

We carry all four types of pressure plates plus 2 more of our own design. They are standard weight plates, but with the stronger diaphragm. This is desirable where you to want to keep total clutch weight down (as in autocrossing) but want the extra strong diaphragm.


60-63 ALL ex/turbo U-2077            $169.50 plus core          

62-63 TURBO only U-2079             $189.50 plus core

64-69 ALL ex/turbo/140hp )    U-2078       $169.50 plus core

64-69 TURBOS and 140 HP    U-2081      $189.50 plus core


Our rebuilder uses a standard plate core but rebuilds it with a high performance diaphragm. DOES require more pedal pressure than standard stock.

60-63 ALL SPECIAL      U-2080            $189.50 plus core

64-69 ALL SPECIAL      U-2083            $189.50 plus core

Watch out for your ring gear! Notice that there is a step on the outer edge of the gear. When the upper step is gone (broken worn etc) the ring gear is no good. Not only can this cause serious starter trouble, but is not acceptable as a core to us against a rebuild. Save your starter AND save wasted dollars sending us a core that has no value! Itís ok for the ring gear to have some normal wear but broken or missing teeth, missing upper "step" or a flat spot on the gear (oops someone dropped it on itís side) arenít acceptable cores. (SEE PICTURE ABOVE RIGHT)




KIT A - Is a rebuilt pressure plate, rebuilt clutch disk, new throw out bearing, bronze pilot bushing, input shaft seal.

KIT B - Is everything in an A kit but also includes a bolted Dale brand When we created the SUPERKIT concept over 20 years ago this was one of the first. Those nasty stock riveted flywheels have caused a lot of mayhem with our cars and this kit was a quick and easy response.

Probably 80% of the clutch problems in Corvairs can be traced back to bad flywheels. Why fool around? Our popular Clutch kits are now offered in several forms, as many of you already have Dale bolted flywheels.

As usual there are core charges - on the flywheel, disk and pressure plate. We can always use the cores!

Each kit contains only the best materials - Dale brand  bolted flywheels, Raybestos Premium clutch linings, local rebuilt pressure plates done specifically to our specifications. Delco, Sealed Power, or Bower brands throwout bearings. Our own bronze pilot bushings. Our own Input shaft seal.


1960-63 ALL ex/Turbo U-4261       $505.00   PLUS CORES  

  62-63 with TURBO              U-4262      $525.00   PLUS CORES

1964-69 ALL ex/turbo ex/140hp        U-4263          $475.00   PLUS CORES

64-69 with TURBO and 140hp         U-4264           $495.00   PLUS CORES

The only difference between regular and turbo/140hp kits is the weight and pressure of the pressure plate. You should check over the notes on page H-1 to make sure you are ordering the right kit.