The end of an era.............................

(written 12-10-10)


I have mentioned many times in the past that had GM built the Corvair with something other than a 3 piece flywheel held together with cheap rivets - Corvair owners wouldn't have seen over 75% of the big ticket repairs that manifested - literally.

As early as the late 60's people were having stock flywheels come loose. Blake Swofford of Otto Parts seems to have been the first vendor to offer a fix (welding doesn't work well guys) in his Taper Bolt flywheels. But these rebuilt flywheels weren't exactly stock and were only a beginning.

A couple of years later a young guy in our local club (Corsa Oregon) named David Langsather decided he would seek his fortune by designing and rebuilding a true work of art - The DALE brand bolted flywheel.

This was no ordinary flywheel. His published specs were considerably tighter than any specs allowed from the factory. His flywheels were not only works of exact science and art but were also guaranteed for LIFE. It didn't matter how many cars one was in - or how many owners. The warranty still held. Dave could do this because his work was so well done and consistent he didn't have flywheels come back.

Dale Manufacturing branched off into other products as well. Distributors, harmonic balancers, specialty tools, small rubber boots and developed a world wide reputation. It would be rare indeed to be in a Corvair gathering anywhere in the world where the name Dale wouldn't be known, well respected and promoted.

As his longest running retailer we sold well over 1000 of the 6000 or so flywheels he has done - and we NEVER saw or heard of a failure -of any kind.

Of course all good things.....I spoke with him on the phone this morning and he informed me that after 30 years he would no longer be doing flywheels.

For years now anyone with a drill press and a wrench and a bag of bolts thinks they can make and sell bolted flywheels. It isn't that simple.

So where are we going to get our flywheels from now? Well, several years ago back when Dale was backed up on orders we had to do something to keep flywheels in stock. So we designed and built several GoVair bolted flywheels. I NEVER intended for these to compete with the DALE line. They were just for backup. But.......the time we spent developing those flywheels will now come in handy.

The GoVair bolted Flywheel

We have followed many of the same techniques present in the Dale flywheels. Our process is NOT original - and we don't pretend it to be. We also REFUSE to even suggest that we have reached the pinnacle of quality that Dale achieved - But we are very confident that these will be very good flywheels - so much so in fact that we will offer a 10 year guarantee on them. If one of our flywheels fails we will fix or replace it free.


1960-63 Flat faced flywheel    U-354GV     $199.50  No core charge (For now)

1964-69 Stepped Face flywheel U-355GV   $179.50    Plus core charge $30.00

These flywheels can be shipped anywhere in the United States in a flat rate box. That's 2 day air service for $18.00! Also consider one of our Super Clutch kits which will now include GoVair flywheels (Deduct $70.00 off the old cost of the kits)

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