Corvair Underground has rebuilt hundreds of distributor since the mid 70's. Whether you need a basic housing, shaft with double bushings all the way up to a complete Ignitor distributor we've got you covered.

But why buy from the Underground?  Your local auto parts can get you one much cheaper (maybe). Doing a proper rebuild is more than just cleaning up and slapping parts together. Our distributors come with honed-fit double bronze bushings. Many big rebuilders use single cast iron bushings that will quickly fail and destroy your shaft!

When your Corvair was designed the distributor was one of the last mechanical components added. Why? Because your distributor must match your year, horsepower, engine size and type, transmission and any other options the factory put on (eg - air conditioning, smog pump etc). Most rebuilders just gather up "Corvair distributor parts" clean them up and reassemble them at random with no regard for correct components.

The cam, shaft, weights, springs, all must be correct. The housings are all the same, but - they do have numbers stamped in them that should identify the particular distributor. Corvair Underground makes certain your distributor is what it should be - inside and out.

But can't you just buy a bushing and do it yourself?  Good luck. Because of housing and shaft variations you can't simply buy a bushing, press it in and expect to have a correct fit. As I said, ours are hone-fit so that you have the closest possible tolerance without risk of having a shaft seizure because it's too tight - OR poor performance because the fit  is too loose..

You have your choice 

A) BASIC BARE   - This is a correct distributor housing, correct shaft with doulbe bushings installed and hone-fitted. The shaft washers are also fitted for clearance and a new pin and gear are installed. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. (No weights, no cam, no springs, no points plate etc.)  A mounting gasket is also included.   $49.95 plus core

B) BASIC MINUS - Just like a Basic Bare but the correct cam, weights and springs are included.  $59.95 plus core

C) BASIC -  same as a Basic Minus but a Corvair Underground rebuilt points plate is also included*   $89.95 plus core

D) BASIC IGNITOR  - same as a Basic but instead of a points plate you get an Ignitor I electronic ignition (Which has its own points plate).  $139.50 plus core

E) SUPER  -  Same as a basic but includes a new distributor cap, points, rotor and condensor. Also a new vacuum advance (where available**) $149.50 plus core

F) SUPER IGNITOR  - Just like the regular Super but has an Ignitor electronic ignition instead of points and condensor.   $199.50 plus core

NOTES -  * The points plate is an important part of any distributor rebuild. The original design plates have no bushing and eventually wear at the pivot plate shaft. This causes erratic opening and closing of the points and also can interrupt the points ground. This will manifest itself in missing, hesitation, backfiring and overall poor -to-terrible engine operation.

Corvair Underground points plates have a bronze bushing at the pivot for long wear and reliability.

** New vacuum advances are presently available for all Corvair distributors late 1961-69 EXCEPT for turbocharged engines and 140 engines. If you have a turbocharged or 140 that has a bad vacuum advance we MAY have a good used replacement - but not always.

CORE CHARGES - All rebuilt components have core charges. This is to insure that we keep a supply of cores coming back to rebuild for the next guy. The core charges are based upon their scarcity. When you return your old distributor you may be eligible to get some or all of your core charge back - but not always.  Because of the problems with other rebuilders (as mentioned above) you distributor may be a hodge-podge of multiple parts from different distributors. If you're in doubt call us first and we'll do our best to determine what you have right now.

CORE CHARGES AS OF JUNE 3 2015     1961-69 all 80hp, 84hp, 95hp, 110 hp  $20.00   All  65-67 140hp   $40.00

All 62-66 turbo  $50.00    Most 95hp and 68-69 110 and 140 hp do not have a core charge.





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