Closeup of new GoVair Dale Style Bolted flywheel

For the past 30 years we've been proud to sell Dale Brand bolted flywheels. But Dale Manufacturing has discontinued this quality product as of March 2010.

HUGE NEWS BREAK! - On Friday Dec. 10th 2010 Dave Langsather (founder and owner of Dale Manufacturing) sold all  tooling, fixtures, design and materials to Corvair Underground. In addition Lon Wall received training from Dave on how to make a Dale flywheel.

There was a lot to learn - including many secrets and techniques that have not been made public. I was surprised just exactly what all went into making a Dale flywheel. It's an honor to be asked to carry on the tradition!    -  Lon

Flywheels have been a critical component in all manual transmission Corvairs since day one. The original flywheels are of a 3 part riveted design. These soft rivets start to fail very early on. As the rivets fail you will get rattling and vibration from the clutch. If left to deteriorate you can end up with broken starter noses, wiped out input shaft seals and pilot bushings.

If left to get even worse you can destroy the front pinion bearing in your differential, which will destroy the differential and then contaminate the transmission with metal particles. Let it go long enough and you can even crack and break your crankshaft.

We believe that, had the Corvair come with a better flywheel, over 75% of all big ticket repairs in Corvairs could have been eliminated.  That would have made the Corvair a nearly perfect machine.  

The fixtures and tooling are now set up and ready at the Underground! That means an accuracy and a quality you will find nowhere else - and - it means a flywheel that will NEVER come loose.

These flywheels will be referred to as  GoVair Dale Style flywheels. Why not just call them Dale flywheels? Because even though we hope to turn out a product almost identical to the old ones, every one of the 4700+ flywheels done by Dale were all rebuilt by Dave Langsather himself. It just wouldn't seem right to simply call them Dale's!



Pictured above is a 1964-69 ("Late" style) GoVair stepped flywheel.


Checking end run out on a special fixture.


Checking face run out on same fixture.

Doing a great job on a flywheel is a lot more complicated than just knocking the rivets out and bolting it together.

If you're doing a clutch job look over your flywheel - If it's an original riveted one then REPLACE IT, with one of our GoVair Dale-Style bolted flywheels! Avoid multiple costly problems down the road!

WHEN YOU ORDER PLEASE NOTE - The prices INCLUDE the refundable core charge.

GoVair Dale Style  Flywheels

1960-63 (Flat face)   

1964-69 (Stepped face)  



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