WHY COPPER? The standard Corvair head gasket is made of steel. Steel gaskets are fine unless you need to compensate for material machined off of the heads or barrel faces. A stock steel head gasket is .032 thick - and that's it. If you need to alter the thickness you're out of luck.

WITH COPPER you have the ability to use single gaskets in various thicknesses AND you can even stack them. When used in combination with copper barrel to block gaskets there are many dimensional combinations at your disposal. You are able to zero in precisely on the clearance numbers you need!

THE THICKNESSES AVAILABLE in head gaskets are .022, .032 (stock), .042, .052.

Copper barrel to block gaskets are available in .012 (stock), .022 and .032.

Although it's generally thought that you can stack up to 3 gaskets at a time. We never liked doing that and that's why we offer such a wide range of thicknesses all the way up to .062. We recommend up to two at the head gasket and two at the block end. You could pick up around .180 that way (A situation that you would probably never encounter)

we are also offering an extra thin head gasket at .022. Normally you would not want to raise your compression ratio - but there some situations where you may want to. We've been asked for them so here they are.

IMPORTANT - It's important that all surfaces be in good condition especially with the .022 thick gaskets. This is obviously good practice with any head gasket, copper or steel.

Let's suppose a worst case scenario (and a somewhat common one.) You tear down an unknown engine and, after surfacing the heads, you find out that the entire 'step" in the chamber has been milled away. The step is usually around .100. That means in addition to the needed .032 head gasket and the needed .012 barrel to block gasket you need to compensate for the "lost" .100. This could be accomplished by 1- .052 head gaskets and 1- .042 head gasket (.094) and a - .032 and .022 barrel to block gasket (.052). Total thickness .146 - Obviously other combinations are possible.

Another nice feature of copper gaskets is that, unlike steel, they can be reused. Simply lay them on a flat heat resistant surface and heat the gasket evenly with a propane torch. Once you get a nice red color withdraw the heat and let air cool. This is known as "annealing".

It's a good idea to coat copper (and steel) head gaskets with anti-seize upon installation.