Check Out These "Gear" Gears

In the mid 60's anything really cool was "gear" - and these are way cool - and way limited! We carefully inspect the best of our used original style gears then have them sent out to be shot-peened and moly treated. They come back as fully certified parts, stronger than when they were new. And they’re better than any reproduction because these were machined using the correct gear cutting program, which "modern" gear makers no longer use.  Did you know that reproduced spider gears should not be mixed with OEM gears for this very reason?
Now that you know how it’s done it should be obvious that this is a limited time supply.

1961-69 SIDE GEARS ex/posi side U-6403 $39.95ea Buy It!

1960-69 SPIDER GEARS U-6404 $39.95ea Buy It!

1962-66 POSI ONLY SIDE GEAR U-6405 $185.00ea Buy It!

We’re Positive about Posi

We’ve just received an all-new run of positraction plate packs. Ours come complete with 2 new hex head countersunk screws and a new roll pin plus instructions.

For all 1962-66 Corvairs with positraction - U-4215 $74.95ea Buy It!