Rear disc brake kit for 1965-69 cars! You've been waiting for a well designed, easy to install system and this one is ready! Kit is available several ways -

PLEASE SPECIFY whether you need the kit for 1965 or 1966-69 models.

IMPORTANT! Before you order - Please understand that these kits use numerous parts from numerous suppliers. The kit also involves multiple machine operations and multiple parts suppliers - Usual turnaround time will be 2-4 weeks. This is the only production kit on the market that allows you to use 14" wheels, looks like it could be stock and is simple in it's design and execution.

Because of the unique difficulties sometimes encountered with delivery of this great kit we are sorry to announce that we cannot ship these to Canada (or any other foreign country). Why? Because we oftentimes have to ship the kits in multiple boxes from multiple locations. Add the weight of most of these components and you end up up either, with a huge shipping bill, or us not wanting to ship until we have everything at our location to ship in one or two packages. This has gotten us into trouble in the past with 2 Canadian customers. We are not here to upset our customers and damage our reputation, we're here to sell Corvair parts and have happy customers.

If you are one of our loyal Canadian customers and want one of these kits, please try to have them delivered to an address in the lower 48. We're always happy to serve your needs, but in this case, discretion is the better part of valor.

CORES - Depending on which kit you order core charges may be involved. In some cases we may not have the necessary cores and may require you to sent your cores in advance to be machined. Just ask what our current core situation is when you order.

NOTE - Refundable core charges are INCLUDED in prices.

"A" KIT - Vented rotors, calipers, backing plates, adaptors, steel brake lines, re-machined arms, - for both sides. You supply the rear wheel bearing assembly (o.d. of spindle hub needs to be turned - a simple operation on a brake lathe).. There will be a core charge for your arm.

U-6099 Cost - $799.00 plus core + (125.00 for arms)

"B" KIT - Same as A kit but includes new torque arm bushings (not installed), 1 pair of flexible brake lines, 8 stabilizer rod bushings, 2 rear wheel bearing rebuild kits, 8 longer rear wheel studs.

U-6100 Cost - $1157.00 plus core + (125.00 for arms)

"C" KIT - Same as B kit but includes a completely rebuilt and modified rear wheel bearing assy (both sides, of course) and also includes new trailing arm bushings (installed). All components are complete and ready for simple assembly.

IMPORTANT! - There has been some misunderstanding as to whether or not we can ship these arms and bearings as a completed assembly. This is not practical because of their size and weight. You WILL have to put these together yourself but it's not difficult. Instructions included.

U-6101 Cost - $1299.00 plus cores (125.00 for arms 130.00 for bearing assemblies)<

"D" KIT - Just the backing plates,  special adaptor brake lines and remachined arms. No rotors or calipers included. It's like an "A" kit above, otherwise.

U-6099D $480.00 (Core for arms $125.00)<

REPLACEMENT PARTS are available. Check our catalog - THE CORVAIR BOOK  or give us a call

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