First a little background.

There were essentially 2 different style clutches in the Corvair. Those used from 1960-63 and those used from 1964-69. ALL PARTS MUST MATCH when you put an assembly together. That means, flywheel, pressure plate, throwout bearing (and in some cases) the disk. For a detailed explanation of the differences visit TECH-CLUTCH

For our performance purposes we are only interested in the 64-69 style clutch as it the stronger of the 2 designs and can be used in all years of Corvairs. All parts listed here are for the 64-69 design clutch!

Lightened Dale Flywheel

We recommend the Dale Bolted/balanced flywheel for all applications. It has long been recognized that original GM soft rivet flywheels come apart - even in "normal" use. Further it's widely accepted that solid steel or aluminum flywheels can damage your engine.

The solution was obvious to Dave Langsather when he started bolting flywheels over 25 years ago. Each flywheel is not only bolted with grade 8 bolts, lock washers and nuts, but it's heat treated, resurfaced, and balanced. Each flywheel is a precision work of art!

The Dale lightened flywheel weighs in at only 8.9lbs - that's almost 5 lbs lighter than stock. The lighter weight means less spinning mass so the engine revs up and down with a quicker response. This is of great benefit if you are autocrossing or speed shifting.

Obviously if you are drag racing you DON'T want a lightened flywheel and should use a stock Dale unit.

DALE BOLTED FLYWHEEL 1964-69 U-355 $149.00 plus $30 core*

DALE BOLTED AND LIGHTENED FLYWHEEL 1964-69 U-2773 $240.75 plus $30 core*


The clutch component that takes the most abuse is certainly the disk. Our regular Premium linings will hold up in street use but hard use is our concern here. These 100% Kevlar disks are designed to take just about anything - and if oil soaked then can be cleaned and re-used (unlike regular linings).

Another important feature is that, unlike ceramic or metallic disks, this disk behaves just like a stock lining! There's no grabbing, jerking or unexpected clutch action.

KEVLAR CLUTCH DISK For all 1960-69 Corvairs U-4886 $149.50 plus $20 core*

*A CORE is your old disk or flywheel. We need yours back to keep the supply going! When you order any part that requires a core you can either send it along with your order or we can charge you the core charge when we ship your order. When you later send the core back to us you will receive a refund for the core charge.