Performance Drum Brakes

****We are currently unable to get Kevlar performance linings through our current supplier.  We are looking into different alternatives, and will let you know when they become available.*****

The ideal street performance combination is probably drum brakes on one axle and disc brakes on the other. There is some disagreement as to whether the discs should be on the front or rear. In our opinion it makes more sense (when possible) to use the discs on the rear and drum brakes on the front or discs all the way around. Our reasoning is that with a rear engine car there is more need for the discs where the weight is. Front engine cars, of course, do the exact opposite.

Of course this is not an option with earlier swing axle units (the 1960-64 cars and 1961-65 FC's). In those cases you would want to use discs on the front and drum on the rear or drum all the way around*.

The linings pictured above are of our streetable performance shoes for 65-69 cars, both front and rear. These linings are a semi-metallic Kevlar and are a very good upgrade.

KEVLAR? - Kevlar is just one of the materials that is used in replacement brake linings. It's not really a preferred material for the average driver. It's main disadvantages are that it can squeak when hot and it does expand somewhat when hot. There are a few smaller companies that use Kevlar in "street" linings but the truth is, the actual percentage of Kevlar is fairly small. All the major reliners of automotive brake shoes have their choice of material and very few opt for Kevlar, at least for street use.

As usual what we are concerned with is performance - street or otherwise. The reasons we offer Kevlar as our performance shoe are -

= Best agressivness without being too grabby. High percentage Kevlar has good stopping power much closer to some other materials but with a reduced "grabbiness". In addition the reactivity of the brakes is good cold or hot. (Unlike full metallics)

= High fade resistance. Important when a lot of hard brake action is encountered.

= Our particular supplier contends that their linings will not squeak. So far so good.

If you're after a fast stopping, fade resistant drum lining with few disadvantages then this is the lining. Drive it around the street all day and take it autocrossing on the weekend!




Prices are per axle set

1960-62 Cars Front or rear U-5017 $89.00 + core charge $10.00

1963-64 Cars Front or rear U-5018 $89.00 + core charge $10.00

1961-65 FC Front or rear U-5019 $99.00 + core charge $7.00

1965-69 Cars Front U-5020 $99.00 + core charge $7.00

1965-69 Cars Rear U-5021 $109.00 + core charge $7.00

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