Quick Shift Kit! 


Our improved Quick Shift Kit!

     For a number of years we've been pestered by owners who want a NICE quick shift kit - One that is accurate, well made and good to look at.
     Our kit uses an easy to install extension (optional non-extension instructions are also included) and features a billet aluminum CNC machined base. Forget those ugly, crude, poor quality cast iron bases. Ours is milled to exacting specifications which will help eliminate many of the traditional adjustment problems too often associated with these kits. 
     We also know you expect the best from Underground so the kit will also include spacing shims, floor seal, all bolts and nuts and good instructions. 

Order part number U-323GV  $48.50

For all years cars w/4 speed transmission 

Also available as Superkits!

     It’s always a good idea to “do the whole thing” when you’re under the car. These kits include our new QUICK SHIFTER kit listed above, but also include a new shift coupler and pin (very high wear items) and new Delrin bushing (one for 60-64, 2 for 65-69). You’re going to be running that shifter a lot every time you drive your car! Why not make it enjoyable?

SUPERKIT FOR 1960-64 CARS                  U-6274           $82.75

SUPERKIT FOR  65-69 CARS                     U-6275           $84.75