New Steering Components!

    As time goes on we start thinking about parts that we used to take for granted. Who ever heard of looking for a new steering shaft? After all, they’re "everywhere" used and in good shape - oops, well not any more. If you’ve looked lately you’ll find out that most used shafts have serious corrosion and/or wear problems with the splines. Since this involves your steering it might be a good idea to go with new parts - parts we now can offer you!

    The two shafts listed are for 1960-63 cars and late 1965-67 cars. 1964 and most 1965 cars use a full length shaft that is actually part of the steering box worm shaft, so we don’t offer them.  68-69 shafts are in development, and may be produced depending on demand.

    As shown above we also have steering couplers, machined from solid stock of course, for 60-63 cars!

STEERING SHAFT - NEW                                                                 STEERING COUPLING - NEW

60-63 CARS            U-6234    $82.00                                                   60-63 CARS    U-6237    $39.50

65(late)-67 CARS     U-6235    $137.85