Corvair Underground Inc.

Warrantee for all REBUILT PARTS

All Corvair Underground Inc rebuilt component parts, including complete engines and shortblocks/longblocks are guaranteed against defects in workmanship or new parts replaced for a period of one year after purchase date.

This warrantee is void for any items used in other than Corvair street cars or vans, such as racecars, dunebuggies, motorcycles, swap boats etc. Under NO circumstances do we knowingly rebuild engines for any kind of experimental aircraft!

We will NOT reimburse you for repairs or parts done by other shops or individuals who "repair" our work without first getting a written consent from us. We will NOT offer warrantee reimbursements for parts that exceed our retail cost of the original part.

If a rebuilt component is altered, "repaired" or otherwise tampered with by other than Corvair Underground without prior written consent then all guarantees and warrantees on that item are rendered VOID.

If you get a rebuilt part from us and think you have a problem -

CALL US IMMEDIATLY! Time is of the essence and we want to get you back up and running asap!

We will do our best to analyze your problem and either replace or repair the item in question. In some unusual cases we MAY opt to have you pay someone else to do the repairs but that requires a written pre-authorization from us.

For rebuilt long blocks and complete engines we DO NOT guarantee valve seats UNLESS they were specifically contracted to have seat work done by Rear Engine Specialities. This type of work is NOT included in our regular non-140, non turbo rebuilds.

NOTE -     On ALL longblock and complete engine rebuilds that are for 140hp or turbo motors we INCLUDE the special rear Engine valve seat work as a standard procedure.

If you have a problem with any product from Corvair Underground Inc. We want to work with you to get your problem taken care of. Good communication is key and we are always at your service!

Questions? - Just call us or email 800-825-8247



Revised 7-10-10