Available in Basic, Basic with a new bearing (not installed), or with new stock black pulley and bearing (installed) or with an aluminum pulley and new bearing installed.

         .    We've been asked about these units and, obviously, people want to know how they work. As they used to say - Ask the man who owns one! We have endless reports from racers, dune buggy people and street performance types who have told us in no uncertain terms that they have never had a belt tension device perform as flawlessly as these idlers.

               Whether you just drive hard on the street all the way up to serious competitive racing these units are unsurpassed! Sold exclusively by Corvair Underground's GoVair division since 2000.  As written up in Seth Emerson's latest revision of How To Hotrod Corvair Engines.  

The latest run of these idlers is in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

U-6322 BASIC SPRING IDLER   No pulley  or bearing 

U-6323   COMPLETE with new bearing and reconditioned stock black pulley installed  

U-6323AL   COMPLETE with new bearing and new aluminum pulley installed

IMPORTANT NOTE  - Just as with our last ones these are hard anodized to assure long wear and to keep the belt in top shape. Non anodized aluminum pulleys corrode (and need constant polishing) and tend to tear belts up.

            We buy used stock pullies!  $10.00 each with or without bracket. Must be straight and damage free.                                                                 

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