Some publications are here today, and gone tomorrow. That's either because the publisher only prints so many or because the publication is already out of print and we just happened to find a limited number. Sometimes a book may be available, then it's discontinued, even though there is a strong demand to have it reprinted. We can think of several that appear to have a lot of popular demand but the author/publisher just has no interest in reprinting.

Other publications, like owners manuals and shop manuals will probably always be available. We'll do our best to keep this department current, but understand that some titles may not always be available. If you also know of a publication that would be of interest to Corvair owners, then let us know!
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  Shop Manuals

Lon learned to work on Corvairs with nothing but an original shop manual. That was 30 years ago - but it's still true. You can do it yourself if you have the right information. Our reprints of the original shop manuals are your best bet for step by step instructions. Don't waste time with Chiltons or Motors's manuals because they lack lots of key information.

NOTE: The original manuals are a series of "Main" manuals and "Supplements". For example, if you need info on a 1965 Corvair all you need is the 65 main manual. If, however, you need info for a 1968, then you need the 1965 main manual AND the 1968 Supplement. Sorry, manuals for 1960 are no longer in print.
Year Main or Supplement Part # Price
1961 MAIN U-188 $24.95
1962-63 Supplement U-189 $18.80
1964 Supplement U-190 $18.80
1965 MAIN U-191 $21.95
1966 Supplement U-192 $9.55
1967 Supplement U-193 $9.55
1968 Supplement U-194 $9.55
1969 Supplement - Used U-195 $9.00

All shop manuals cover cars and FC's for the applicable year. 1960-64 manuals and supplements also cover body and interior items. 1965-69 manuals DO NOT include body and interior info - in which case you may also want to purchase one of the body by FISHER BODY MANUALS listed next.

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 Body by Fisher Manuals

In 1965, all body and interior information was taken out of the regular shop manuals and put in separate Body by Fisher service manuals - we have exact reprints. Note also that these manuals cover, not only Corvairs, but other HM cars from the same year.

Year Part # Price

1965 U-2226 $22.75
1966 U-2222 $22.75
1967 U-2223 $22.75
1968 U-2224 $22.75
1969 U-2225 $22.75

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 Shop Manuals on CD ROM

Well, the wait was worth it! We can now offer you all the Corvair shop manuals on CD ROM. The advantages? Well many, but two things stand out. First, each CD includes not only the complete shop manual and supplement (where used) but also includes the Chevrolet parts and accessories manual from 1970! 1965-69 also includes all the Fisher body manual information too! Second, suppose you're working on your car but don't want to destroy your paper copy - just print out the needed pages from the CD and throw them away when you're done!
Year Part # Price   Year Part # Price
1960 U-5708 $41.95   1966 U-5713 $41.95
1961 U-5709 $41.95   1967 U-5714 $41.95
1962-63 U-5710 $41.95   1968 U-5715 $41.95
1964 U-5711 $41.95   1969 U-5716 $41.95
1965 U-5712 $41.95   Set of all 10 years U-5717 $369.00

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 Owners Manuals

These are professional licensed reprints of the original owners manuals that came with the cars. They're even on the correct grade and color of paper stock! Now don't confuse these with the shop manuals (listed above). Owners manuals only offer basic operation and car information. Their value is mostly for nostalgia and entertainment. But, at these very low prices why not have a little fun, and history as well? Note that 1961 and 1962 FC's have their own manuals but 1963, 1964, and 1965 include the FC information with the car manual.
Year Part # Price   Year Part # Price
1960 U-2895 $4.75   1964 U-2900 $4.75
1961 U-2896 $4.75   1965 U-2901 $4.75
1961 FC Sorry Not Available   1966 U-196 $4.75
1962 U-2897 $4.75   1967 U-197 $4.75
1962 FC U-2898 $4.75   1968 U-198 $4.75
1963 U-2899 $4.75   1969 U-199 $4.75

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 Convertible Top Manuals

These small manuals go with the owners manual if you had a convertible top -
also used with other Chevrolets of the same year.
Year Part # Price   Year Part # Price
1962 U-2880 $4.95   1966 U-2993 $4.75
1963 U-2881 $4.95   1967 U-2904 $4.75
1964 U-2902 $4.75   1968 U-2991 $4.95
1965 U-2903 $4.75        
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 How to Books

Here is an assortment of different books that will help you take care of your car.

How to Restore Metal Auto Trim

This book gives lots of good info on stainless, aluminum, and other material restoration. Not specific to Corvairs, just very useful do-it-yourself information.

Automotive Upholstery Handbook

Anyone familiar with Corvairs has heard of Bill Fisher and this book is one of his latest. It covers all sorts of interior topics - installing tops, headliners, seat kits, etc. Written so even the novice can get great results. By Don Taylor.


Custom Auto Interiors

Don Taylor and Ron Mangus bring us another great book about auto interiors. This book focuses more on custom design interiors. It covers everything in the first book and more.
Book Part # Price
How to Restore Metal Auto Trim U-5406 $14.95
Automotive Upholstery Handbook U-4844 $18.95
Custom Auto Interiors U-5459 $19.95

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Technical Books

Here is an assortment of books that focus on the technical aspects of Corvairs.

 Fred Johnson Booklets:

"Corvair Wheel Alignment" and

"Stop Corvair Lubricant Leaks"

No Corvair owner should be without these two classics by well-known Corvair personality, Fred Johnson. In Corvair Wheel Alignment, Fred tells, step by step, how to do your own front and rear end alignments for both cars and FC's. He even tells you how to construct your own simple tools. The Stop Corvair Lubricant Leaks book is the final word on preventing any and all Corvair oil and fluid leaks.

Junkyard Primer

 This book was written by Corsa director Larry Scrivener. It is a handy pocket reference explaining ID numbers for distributors, heads, blocks, and how identify many used parts.

How to Keep your Corvair Alive

This is Richard Finch's updated version 1998. We first saw the book and met Richard back in the early 70's and copies had been hard to get. This great publication belongs in everyone's library.

 The Care and Feeding of your Corvair

This book is published by the New Mexico Corvair club and is a handy general reference booklet on all sorts of Corvair information.

CORSA Tech Guide and Supplement

  Back in the '80's the Corvair Society of America (CORSA) commissioned Clay Wispell and Corvair icon Larry Claypool to compile the best technical articles from the CORSA Communiques. The result is this Tech Guide. It covers problems and solutions not found in the regular Corvair shop manual. The Supplement covers things not found in the Tech Guide.

Solo Is...

This book is by Corvair Racer Warren LeVeque. It gives lots of great information on preparing not only your Corvair but also yourself for racing. Even if you're not a racer, you will still find this book interesting and will probably glean useful information for normal driving.

Book Part # Price
Corvair Wheel Alignment U-202 $4.85
Stop Corvair Lubricant Leaks U-2893 $5.75
Junkyard Primer U-4727 $4.75
How to Keep your Corvair Alive U-5252 $14.50
Care and Feeding of your Corvair U-4840 $5.00
CORSA Tech Guide U-4843 $28.95
CORSA Supplement U-4985 $26.95
Solo Is... U-6059 $19.95

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Reference and Interest Books

Here are some books that you can lay out on your coffee table or just read for fun.

The Corvair Decade

This book lists a complete history of the Corvair and covers all makes, years, and models. The story begins in the late 1950's and covers development and experimental designs. The book has many full color and half-tone pages. Ten color charts are included as well as ID codes and much more! This hardcover book is the one to get! Published by the Corvair Society. 

Car Life Reprint

We're happy to have located more of these classic reprints. Apparently done back in the '70's, they include a whole list of different kinds of Corvair articles. Subjects include custom Corvairs, road tests, experimental cars, history, racing, old style aftermarket products, and much more. It's a fun book that belongs in every Corvair lovers library. Limited supply, get yours today!

 Numerical Accessory Parts List

Lists all Chevrolet accessories (not just Corvair) by OEM part number from 1946-78. An invaluable guide for any car enthusiast.

Corvair Performance Portfolio

 This brand new book contains lots of old articles etc. mainly dealing with the performance specs of Corvairs. Road tests, new model reports and analysis, handling, performance data, and lots more.
Book Part # Price
The Corvair Decade U-4337 $32.95
Car Life Reprint U-5349 $15.00
Corvair Performance Portfolio U-5839 $19.95
Numerical Accessory Parts List U-5296 $20.00

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 Don't forget our Catalog!

Our catalog contains over 280 pages of useful technical articles, parts information, reprints of old Corvair ads, and of course, a complete listing of all the parts we have. The CORVAIR BOOK All this for only $6.00. What a deal!!

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