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Brake Superkits

As with other kits, we have several variations of this kit. Select the one that is right for you.

Superkit A: Includes 2 front wheel cylinder rebuild kits, 2 rear kits, 1 master cylinder rebuild kit, both sets (front and rear) regular brake shoes, new master cylinder "firewall" gasket, and a master cylinder boot.

Superkit B: Same as Superkit A but also includes 4 new brake hoses.

Superkit C: Contains all 4 new wheel cylinders, all 4 new brake hoses, both axle sets regular brake shoes, master cylinder "firewall" gasket, master cylinder boot, and 2 hardware kits. This kit DOES NOT include a master cylinder or master cylinder rebuild kit.

Superkit D: Same as Superkit C but also includes a new stock master cylinder. This is our most popular kit.

Options: 1962-66 car kits can have the single master cylinder replaced with our dual master cylinder conversion. To add this to any kit order PN U-5456. We can also substitute Kevlar or metallic shoes. Call for prices. 503-434-1648

Half Kits? If you just want to do either only the front or rear then divide the price of a full kit by two and add 5%.     THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO D KITS.

Be sure to specify the kit you want when you order. Add the kit letter as a suffix to the part number. (Example = U-4523A).
Year Model Part #
60-62 Cars U-4523A      $157.00      B  $221     C  $340.00
63-64 Cars U-4524A      $157.00      B  $221     C  $340.00      D  $409.00
61-62 FC 4 bolt mast cyl U-4526A      $144.00      B  $209.00 C $319.00     D   $411.00
62-65 FC 2 bolt mast cyl U-4592A      $144.00      B  $209.00  C$323.00     D   $399.50
65-66 Cars U-4525A      $143.00      B  $220.00  C $323.00     D  $399.00  
67-69* Cars w/stock dual master cylinder U-4522A      $143.00      B  $220.00  C $323.00     D  $405.00
*  1969 KITS have 1965-68 front wheel cylinders in them. Also 65-68 front brake hoses.

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Brake Hardware Kits

Each Brake Hardware Kit comes complete with enough parts for two wheels (one axle set). Includes hold down hardware, springs, rubber plug.
Year Model Application Part #
1960-62 ALL ex/FC front or rear U-2315    $28.00
1963-64 ALL ex/FC front or rear U-2316    $29.40
1965-69 ALL ex/FC front or rear U-2317    $19.50
1963-65 FC front U-2318    $17.50
1963-65 FC rear U-2323    $17.50
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Master Cylinder Rebuild Kits

We have several to choose from including rebuild kits (we strongly suggest replacing with new cylinders, rather than rebuilding). We also have easy dual conversion kits for 1962-66 models.

Rebuild Kits
Year Model Part #
1960-66 ALL U-842     $28.50
1967-69 ALL U-2336  $32.75
1962-66 With dual conversion U-5016   call


New Master Cylinders
Year Model Part #  

Currently not available

ALL including most Ultra-Vans U-844
1961-early 62 FC U-845


1962-66 ALL cars and all but early 62 FC U-846


1967-69 ALL U-3807


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Wheel Cylinder Rebuild Kits

We offer the best wheel cylinder rebuild kits you can buy! Our cups have reinforcements not found in most other makes. If it turns out that your cylinders are not rebuildable, then check out our new wheel cylinders. We have several versions of these kits.

Year Model Application Part #
1960-69 ALL ex/FC ex/62-64 Spyder front 7/8" U-835  $6.75
1960-69 ALL ex/FC rear 15/16" U-834  $6.75
1961-65 FC front U-837   $4.75
1961-65 FC rear U-836   $4.75
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Disk Brake Conversion Kits

Front   65-69 cars   $495.00  

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Dual Master Cylinder Conversion

We have an easy conversion for those of you who want to convert your single reservoir master cylinder (1962-66 cars) over to the later dual master cylinder system. You can forget about the old, complicated way of doing this by installing this kit which includes a NEW master cylinder and necessary lines and connectors. The system is self-contained in the master cylinder and does not require complicated blocks and lines! Each kit is complete with necessary instructions.
Year Model Part #
1962-64 CARS U-4051                   $154.50
1965-66 CARS U-4052                   $154.50
1963-65 FC U-4053                   $174.50
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