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Differential Superkit Differential Gasket-Seal Kit
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Differential Superkit

If you take care of the differential, it will be good for hundreds of thousands of miles. If the snout is broken, you might as well replace everything to save you time later. This kit has everything you need. Each kit includes all 4 bearings and races (2 side, 2 pinion), a solid steel machined clutch release bearing shaft (snout - 1960-69 manual differentials only), gasket and seal kit, converter seal (auto trans kit only).
Year Model Part #
1960-63 ALL w/manual trans U-3876
1964-65 ALL w/manual trans U-3878
1966-69 ALL w/manual trans U-3879
1960-69 ALL w/auto trans U-3877

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Differential Gasket-Seal Kit

These kits are used where a complete teardown of the differential is needed. Kit includes side seals, input shaft seal (manual trans type), pinion shaft seals (auto trans type), side adjuster o-rings, speedo drive o-ring, (1960-64 models), stator shaft and rear adjuster o-rings (auto trans type), top cover gasket, and appropriate mating gasket. NOTE: Manual trans kits come stock with one input shaft seal. If you are using our improved 2-seal clutch release bearing shaft, just add the suffix "A" to the part number and we will include a second seal. Automatic trans differentials don't usually include the converter seal (even though this should always be changed) If you want that seal included then use the same suffix"A" with the part number and we'll include it.
Year Model Part #
1960-63 ALL w/manual trans U-430
1964-65 ALL w/manual trans U-436
1966-69 ALL w/manual trans U-431
1960-69 ALL w/automatic trans U-432

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