Corvair Underground Will Buy Cores

So, you've been into Corvairs for years and now you have all these parts sitting around and you don't know what to do with them. Well, take a look at this list and let us know what you have. Here at Corvair Underground, we rebuild a lot of different parts. But in order to rebuild them, we need your cores. If you have anything on this list that you want to get rid of, contact us and let us know what you have.

CALL US FIRST! Before you send us anything. Unsolicited parts may be refused, and to get them back, you will have to pay for the return shipping! Get authorization first!

PRICES AND WHAT WE NEED CHANGE DAILY- If we get flooded with a particular item we may not buy any more for a while, or the price may drop. Conversely, the more desperate we get, the higher the price. The prices listed are guides only. Call for the most current prices.   This price listing was last updated on 05-02-13

WE USUALLY PAY ALL OR SOME OF YOUR SHIPPING CHARGES - But that depends on the weight of the particular cores and how far away you are. If we agree to pay all or part of your shipping costs, we will also let you know the accepted methods. We will usually suggest that you send by UPS or Post.  Large purchases may be sent by truck or we will even come get them (within 500-600 mile radius).

THE PARTS SENT MUST BE GOOD! - So what else is new? might be surprised. We sometimes get cores that are clearly not usable. Don't waste your time and money! As it is, some cores are not obvious whether they are good or not and that's bad enough. Always keep in mind that we cannot pay for useless parts or cores. If you send us bad parts and want them back, that's fine BUT you will have to pay the return shipping.

WHEN WE RECEIVE YOUR PARTS we will write up a list. We will also make a visual inspection. Parts that are obviously not usable will be so noted. A few cores (most notably crankshafts, steering boxes, and camshafts) cannot be determined until they have been re-machined, so there may be up to a 3 week delay until we get the final word. We will send or fax you a copy of the list if you ask.

PAYMENT - We can pay by check, Paypal or credit certificate. ***

ANY QUESTIONS? Then give us a call! 800-825-8247, 10AM to 4:30PM, Mon-Fri, Pacific time. Ask for Lon.

***Prices quoted are "Cash Out" prices. Increase prices by 20% if put towards parts credit or exchange!

 NOTE - If there is no price listed next to the item then that means we are not currently buying that item!

* Some cores cannot be considered for credit until the rebuilder (grinder etc.) Actually checks for suitability.

Year, Model, and Part needed

Additional Information

Price Paid

1960 Cars













1962-63 Cars





non-turbo - Must be complete



Turbo - Must be complete











1964-69 Cars

Magnesium blower fans

1964 only









304 (Turbo)





Cylinder barrels   1965-69 ONLY!








non-turbo - Must be complete



Turbo - Must be complete



110**** see note below







If complete with workable pressure-retard unit







(Late only)


Rear wheel bearing assemblies   66-69 ONLY!






Alternator adaptor castings




Must have correct undamaged Corvair pulley!





1961-65 FC (Vans and Pickups)














Welded hub clutch disks



Clutch pressure plates        64-69 only at this time


Heavy duty (Turbo - 140)






*** Note about 110 distributor cores - Over the years about 75% of the 110hp distributor cores have been "corrupted" by the big rebuilders. In other words, the internal parts (weights, springs etc) are usually NOT correct 110 parts. We will only buy and pay the $15.00 price for REAL 110hp distributors. If you need help in properly identifying these then just call us.



Our Physical Address when sending UPS or Fed Ex

Corvair Underground Inc.

2735 Bunn Rd

McMinnville , OR  97128


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