Our cast pistons are made in the USA and will give you years of reliable service. All Corvairs came with cast pistons from the factory even the turbos and 140s. Unless you plan on using your engine in heavy use (racing, dunebuggies etc) then these cast pistons will fill the bill quite well!

          Pistons are sold individually. For a set of 6 just order 6 pistons.

NOTE 1960 engines (the 140 cu inch) were slightly smaller and the pistons are no longer available. Use the 1961-63 pistons but make sure all 6 have been changed to the later years.

1961-63 PISTONS  -  ALL CAST PISTONS ARE $31.95 ea or $189.50 set of 6

STD    U-3068          .020   U-3572          .030    U-3069           .040    U-3571            .060    U-3070

1964-69 PISTONS -  SAME PRICES AS 61-63

STD    U-3574          .020   U-3575         .030     U-3576           .040    U-3577            .060    U-3578


FORGED PISTONS 1964-69 ONLY   -   Sold Only in sets   $401.50

    These pistons are much stronger than stock but are not necessary for most street applications.

STD    U-3071          .020   U-3581




                                 PISTON  RINGS

         As with our pistons these rings are Made in the USA!   Excellent quality with the recommended 3 piece oil control rings.  Available in cast, chrome or moly.  We recommend cast for most applications and chrome for turbos. Moly is for extreme heavy duty use.

NOTE Same notes for rings as for pistons on the 1960 models.

1961-63 RINGS CAST   -  All ring sets (6)  are  $74.50

STD      U-1454        .020    U-3618         .030   U-3619           .040   U-3620             .060   U-3621

1961-63 RINGS CHROME -  All ring sets (6) are  $99.50

STD      U-1455        .020    U-3623         .030   U-3624           .040   U-3625             .060   U-3626

1964-69 RINGS CAST -  All ring sets (6)  are   $54.95

STD      U-1456       .020     U-3628        .030    U-3629           .040   U-3630             .060   U-3631

1964-69 RINGS CHROME All ring sets  (6) are  $99.50

STD      U-1457       .020     U-3633        .030    U-3634           .040   U-3635             .060   U-3636

1964-69 RINGS MOLY All ring sets (6) are $109.50

STD      U-1458       .020     U-1450        .030    U-3695           .040   U-1451             .060   U-1452


                 CYLINDER BARRELS


        Our cylinder barrels are machined to precisely match your pistons. All cylinder barrels cost $36.00 ea plus a core charge.  1960-64 barrels have a $20.00 each core charge and 65-69 are $30.00 each.  Specify bore size, year and finish desired. We will usually set up all cast pistons at .00150 skirt clearance and forged at .0035-.004.         call or email us if you have questions.