Are your affordable answer to engine re-sealing!

Every Rite-Kit includes a comprehensive collection of our finest quality gaskets, seals and o rings.  Each kit includes -

1- Cork-nitrile Oil pan gasket

2 - Cork-Nitrile rocker arm cover gaskets

24 - Viton pushrod tube o rings

12 - Viton rocker stud seals

1 - Accessory housing gasket

1- Adaptor housing gasket

2 - Top cover gaskets

1- Bell housing seal

1- Pulley crank seal

1- Set of Oil pump cover gaskets

1- Oil drainplug gasket

1- Distributor gasket

1- Oil cooler adaptor gasket

1- Pair of Viton Oil cooler seals

6- barrel to block gaskets

6- Steel head gaskets

6- Exhaust port packings

2-  Exhaust crossover packings

1 - Complete set of sheet metal gaskets seals (Not in 1960 kits)TAKE

As needed - Exact repro carb mounting insulators

As needed - Air cleaner to carb gaskets

1- Oil cap gasket

1- Pressure regulator gasket

As needed- fuel pump o ring, PCV o rings, filler o ring,

All gaskets are specifically tailored for your year and horsepower so make sure to give us that info when you order.

1960  RITE KIT   Reg price $149.50    
1961-64 RITE KIT Reg price $174.50    
1965-69 RITE KIT Reg price $169.50    
65-69 140HP  KIT Reg price $182.50