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Back in stock as of June 15th 2017!

SPRING LOADED IDLERS - THE NEWS WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! - Our good friend George Robson looked at a "Brand C" spring loaded idler and told us one day that he could design a better one. Did he ever!

George's Corvair spring loaded idler was an immediate hit. Folks with racecars and dunebuggies who could not get a belt to stay on (even when everything else was right) had amazing results with his idler.

This is now run #6 for us. We appreciate the continued demand for these idlers! If you've been waiting since last summer for the latest run they are now in the "pipeline".

We expect delivery to us to June 15th or thereabouts. As soon as we receive them we will get them assembled and rushed out to you.

PRE-ORDER - Order and pay for one now and get them at discounted prices. The special pricing schedule is as follows -

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