We're always on the lookout for inexpensive ways to make your Corvair experience better. Most of us know how difficult it has gotten to get several of the special Corvair air filters. The filters pictured above fit only Corvairs (with the exception of the 64-69 filter) (oh yeah and the small 61-63 also fits Cushmans - !) so that means that the chance of finding one is slim.

Naturally we all want to keep our favorite cars clean inside and out. So the logical conclusion is to buy a filter that you can clean anytime it gets dirty and simply reuse it - over and over. Our washable filters do just that!

When you get the filter just spray it with light oil and shake out the excess. When you've decided that its gotten too dirty, just clean with simple soap and water - Then re-oil and reuse. Yeah "lifetime" is a long time, and they probably won't really last that long. But you can easily see where any of these filters will pay for themselves over and over again when compared to old fashioned paper filters.

And I probably should also mention that the manufacturer of these filters (as well as the makers of similar, but much more expensive filters) make some pretty unbelievable claims regarding horsepower increases you'll get as well. We prefer a more honest approach and will tell you that you may get some increase in horsepower and efficiency - but it certainly can't be as high as some of the claims we've heard!


IMPORTANT! - If you really, really like regular old-fashioned paper filters you can use these dry and they'll work fine - until they get dirty. If you DON'T oil them prior to use they will not be possible to clean and re-use.


1960 ALL   PN U-4852     $28.00        

1961-63 CAR also 64-65 cars with Air conditioning  (Except turbos) Also 1961-65 FC (Vans and pickups)   Sold as a pair  U-4849   $33.00     

1962-66 Turbocharged engines      PN-U-4850      $28.00     

1964-69 ALL cars (except as mentioned above)   PN U-4851       $25.00   


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