All bushings listed here are eligible for this program. If you wish to start carrying our bushings requires an initial purchase of $3500.00 (based on suggested retail prices) to establish intent. After that there is a minimum yearly purchase of $1000.00 (srp)

To figure your discount subtract 35% from suggested retail prices. For example for your first initial purchase let's say you are ordering $3625.00 in parts. Subtract 35% from $3625.00 and that would be the amount you need to send.

Shipping on all wholesale orders over $250.00 is free.

We try to keep all bushings in stock but can run out of some. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of back orders.

We will continue to offer our bushings direct to the public but will NOT offer them at prices less than our suggested retail.

Do you have a bushing or durometer you would like us to manufacture? Just ask.

All checks or money orders should be made out to "Lon Wall" (we DO NOT accept credit cards or Paypal)

Mail to Lon Wall    PO Box 1028   Garibaldi, OR   97118

Phone 503-434-1648  Leave a message

Email    sales@corvairunderground.com